Today Google is an integral and unavoidable part of our daily lives, every time we need answers we access the search motor. We at Mapidea will have the users find you the moment they need your sevices, with us your business activities will have online visibility in the right place and at the right moment.

Permit yourself to be guided by expert consultants and entrust yourself to certified technicians for the disbursement and optimization of your Google My Business profile, finally allow your business the possibility to appear in the right place at the right moment.

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    • Completion & Optimization of Google Maps
    • Completion & Optimization of Google Plus
    • Positioning with 3 key words
    • AdWords campaign for 30 days
    • Technical assistence for 30 days
    • Forever 100%
    • Una Tantum 100%
    • Services activation in 7 days (1000€)
    • or
    • Additional technical assistence for 30 days (500€)
    • or
    • Additional key word (1000€)
    • Forever 100%
    • Una Tantum 100%


The disbursement of all our packets are executed as accurately as possible, every detail is controlled and re-examined to ensure valid and lasting services. Entrusting us with the charge of your Google My Business profile gives you the certainty to stand out and be always ahead of your competitors.


During disbursement of the Google My Business service you may independently choose the images, descriptions, places and dates, you may freely apply personal preferences to give the service a personal touch. Together we can realize a packet made only for you.


A vast array of additional services gives us the possibility to satisfy all your extra requirements, if you need more key words to advance your positioning, or if you need more assistence along the way, or even if you are anxious to see your service disbursed, we have every type of solution available.


We are always available during office hours, for whatever information you may need do not hesitate to contact us at our e-mail address or call us at 353 (76) 6042767, we will urgently put you in contact with the relevant experts to resolve your problems as soon as possible.

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